23. July 2024

Of course, we approached this system with reservations, as too much is often promised when it comes to earning money.

The idea of the developers was to provide an advertising system where you as a user of advertising are not tracked or harassed – instead you get 70% of the price the advertiser has to pay for this click. for example, if the advertiser pays 10 cents for a click then you get 7 cents of it. The insertion of this advertisement takes place via a small unobtrusive message at the bottom right of your screen. This message consists of some text and can be clicked if interested. Depending on your settings, 1 to 5

An algorithm ensures that this message appears only when it is the least disturbing, so we have not received any advertising while watching videos.

With the help of machine learning, the browser tries to identify advertisements that are relevant to you, but never leaves the browser – unlike other browsers that send these profiles to your developers.  The Brave browser also respects your privacy.

How much money can you earn ?

Of course, this is the question that first interested us. The developers expect here a value of $6 per month. Since this project is still rather young one may expect in the future far higher incomes if announcements with higher click prices are switched. Topics like shares, stock trading, banks or insurances pay quite attractive prices for a click. For example the click price for shares demo account often amounts to over $40 per click – this would be in this case a merit of $28 for this one click. Up to such earnings it is however still a long way then for it the Brave Browser must spread still much more so the advertising customer becomes attentive.

How do I get paid ?

The payment is made in the crypto currency BAT (Basic Attention Token) and is stored in the browser’s own wallet. In order to get the earned money you need a Uphold account, the account setup is integrated in the Brave Browser and is fast and uncomplicated. In the Uphold account you can then make the withdrawal in real money. Here you have the possibility to transfer the amount to your account or to transfer the tokens to a crypto exchange to trade there.

When do I get paid ?

Every month on the 5th the earned BATs are transferred to the Uphold account.

How do I activate Brave Rewards ?

Activating the Brave Rewards is easy, after installation you can activate the Brave Rewards as the last point of the introduction. If you have not done so, please proceed as follows:

1 . Click on the icon in the upper right corner for settings

2. select from the list Brave Rewards

In the following window activate Brave Rewards

4. deactivate AUTO contribution

5. Set up your Uphold account.




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