23. July 2024

The Brave Browser 2016 was created by the Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich with the aim to repair the internet because in his opinion it is broken by the flood of advertising and tracking. he meant the way users are not only tracked and evaluated by advertising and scripts like Facebook, Google and many other big companies do. Here the Brave Browser offers an effective barrier that prevents this kind of profiling as much as possible.

After the installation there is still a small tour by the most important Browser functions, an import of attitudes, bookmarks and passwords of your previous Browser can be accomplished there spielend simply.

No advertising

The browser was developed especially for blocking advertisements and the associated tracking. Whenever it is possible, Brave will block all advertisements. Of course you can disable the ad blocker if you want to allow it on certain websites. By blocking the ads, websites are often loaded very quickly and no tracking scripts can be reloaded. Popups and other potentially unwanted content are also blocked, but even here the user has full control.


In addition to blocking scripts, cookies can also be effectively blocked, in particular tracking cookies and cookies from third parties are targeted here. The browser is even able to prevent browser fingerprinting by which websites can be identified without the consent of the site visitors. Another standard setting is to redirect HTTP to encrypted HTTPS connections.  Who wants to be on the safe side can also open a TOR browser window for a maximum of anonymity, so you can surf the web without a trace and also Onion addresses can be called via a private window with TOR.


Through the various measures for blocking scripts, cookies, fingerprinting and TOR integration, you surf the Web safely and as untraceably as possible. For safe heating you can also block the common scripts for embedded content or logins from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedLn. Since these services can be found on many websites, the corporations can track and evaluate you across pages.


Advertising and tracking scripts do not only consume data volume but also need computing time on your PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone. By blocking many websites load much faster. Another side effect to be considered is the power saving that comes along with less computing load, this can add up. On top of that, less power consumption is also climate-friendly.

Money for clicking on allowed advertising (Brave Rewards)

A very special feature of the Brave Browser are the Brave Rewards which have to be activated in the settings. Here you can get paid for clicking on the advertisement and get 70% of the price the advertiser has paid for it. The advertisement is displayed unobtrusively in the lower right corner and consists only of a small text. The developers estimate that in 2019 the average annual income of 50 -70 dollars will be credited to you in the crypto currency BAT.

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