19. June 2024

How to import Passwords & Bookmarks from Chrome to Brave

Brave Import

The User “Glen” pointed to a problem with importing settings and passwords to chrome.  So i decided to write a post about this to help other users with a similar problem.

Method 1 with the import wizard:

While installation ob Brave you will be promted to import settings from an other browser. You can use the import wizard from the brave settings page.
1) Click on the three little bars in the top right corner , then click on settings

Brave settings


2) In the “Get started” section click on import bookmarks and settings:

Brave Import

3) From the dropdown menu select the Chrome profile that you want to import and click the Import button.

Chrome import


Method 2 to import passwords from Chrome

1) In Brave, go to brave://flags , search for a flag titled #PasswordImport and enable it. Then click on the Relaunch button in the bottom right

Import password flag

2) Open Chrome, go to Menu –> Settings

the Chrome settings tab

3) In the Autofill section click on “Passwords”

Passwords in Chrome

4) In the password section click on the the points  right from “Saved Passwords”. Then click “Export passwords” and in the warning message click on the “Export passwords…” button. The Windows Explorer opens and you can save the passwords file as a CSV.

Export saved passwords from Chrome

5) Return to Brave, Menu –> Settings

Brave settings


6) Scroll down to the Autofill tab , on the right from “Saved passwords” click on the three points and choose “Import”. Point to the exported CSV file from Chrome and click open.

The import passwords tab


Now your passwords should beimported from Chrome.

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